Newly Elected ATU International leaders


The results of the ATU International Officers for the next 3 years are as follows:


ATU International President: - Brother Larry Hanley

ATU International Executive Vice President: - Brother Bob Baker

ATU International Secretary Treasurer: - Brother Oscar Owens


International Vice-Presidents (IVP):

IVP  #1:  Brother Rodney Richmond

IVP  #2:  Brother Larry Kinnear

IVP  #3:  Brother Javier Perez

IVP  #4:  Brother Richard Murphy

IVP  #5:  Brother Bob Hykaway

IVP  #6:  Brother Charles Cook

IVP  #7:  Brother William McLean

IVP  #8:  Sister Janis Borchardt

IVP  #9:  Brother Paul Bowen

IVP #10: Brother Kenneth Kirk

IVP #11: Brother Gary Rauen

IVP #12: Brother Marcellus Barnes

IVP #13: Brother Ray Rivera

IVP #14: Sister Yvette Salazar

IVP #15: Brother Gary Johnson

IVP #16: Brother Robin West

IVP #17: Brother John Costa

IVP #18: Brother Chuck Watson


Local 382 Brothers and Sisters

Please congratulate and welcome our newly elected ATU International leaders from the 56th ATU International Convention to lead our great union. One ATU working together to secure our future.


In Solidarity,
Rod Dunn
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 382


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