UTA capitalists.

I read about the Utah Transit Authority filing a lawsuit against its bus drivers and mechanics, members of Local 382 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, forcing them to accept a new "no-frills" contract ("Transit agency files suit against employees," Tribune , April 24). The UTA board came up with the contract last year, giving no pay increases and stripping away some of the benefits from the previous contract. "We couldn't give pay increases," UTA's public relations specialist said, "We're in a pretty tight budget year." And yet, that same week, I read where many top UTA executives were due to get huge performance and incentive bonuses. John Inglish, UTA's CEO, was set to earn 10 times what a driver would earn. And people wonder why the workers in America are so upset with this country's capitalistic system.

Anna Florin Former UTA bus driver

South Jordan

Public Forum Letter

The Salt Lake Tribune


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